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Laser Shooting Target for Laser Trainers

Product Name:
Max. Connections:
Fit for Laser Bullets:
  • ​Laser Shooting Target


  • 90132000.99

  • Red  Visible 

  • 650nm 

  • Pulse  CW  Dot 

Laser Shooting Target for Laser Trainerslaser wavelength chart

AimLaser produces Electronic Laser Targets, which is designed for firearm indoor laser dry fire shooting practice. It can work with both AIMLASER's laser training cartridges and other Brands' laser bullets on the market like iTarget, LaserHit, G-Sight, Cheapshot, Pink Rhino, Laser-Ammo etc.

Shooters can practice dry fire shooting skills by using either single one laser target or multiple laser targets for interative targets shooting training with a handgun and a laser bullet at home. 

Runs by 3pcs AAA batteries, portable and easy to location, immediate time feedback can let you improve your shooting skills very fast.

※  Laser Targets and Laser Bullet Shooting Training System

Laser Targets-AIMLASER Interative Laser Targets-AIMLASER

※ Instruction Manuals for Single Laser Target Shooting Practice

1. Put 3pcs AAA/LR03/AM4 Batteries into battery case;

2. Put the paper target into the card slots by pulling out the card lot at the back.

3. Place the target system indoors, avoid direct light exposures on target sensor;

A. Distance between targets shall be over 20cm and within 2 meters;

B. Shooting distance shall not exceed 20m;

C. Be sure there is no reflective objects around the targets, and distance with reflectors like the wall and so on shall be over 10cm.

4. Turn on the power button.

5. Single click to select "Sound" and "Light".

6. Single click and hold on to select shooting Model.

7. Turn off the power after shooting practice is finished.

※ Instruction Manuals for Multiple Laser Targets Shooting Practice

1. Turn on the main target power button.

2. Turn on the other targets power button one by one.

A. When the red indicator light flash for one time, which means it is successfully connected;

B. When the red indicator light lasts for 5s, which means the connection is failed.


※ Instructions of Laser Targets Work Modes

1. Model A: Single target works.

Shooting practice on single target, there is no connection between all the targets.

2. Model B: Multiple targets work together.

Indicator lights on all the targets are on, and will be off when is shot. After all the lights are off, the indicator lights will restart.

3. Mode C: Multiple targets random work.

A. Indicator light on targets will be randomly on.

B. When the target is shot during the indicator light on, then next target’s indicator light will be on.

C. If not shot within 6s, the next target indicator light will be randomly on.

※ Laser Bullets that work with Laser Target

Laser Bullets-AIMLASERLaser Trainer Bullet

※  Dry Fire Laser Bullet Packages

Laser Bullet Packages-AIMLASER

※ Why buy Laser Bullet and Laser Target from AIMLASER?

  1. Customized logo and package.

  2. After sale service: One year warranty offered.

  3. Good appearance: Full brass construction with 24K gold plated coating.

  4. Quick shipment: 3-5 working days for samples; 2-4 weeks for mass quantity.

  5. Quality guaranteed: Produced according to ISO9001:2008 quality control process.

※ Laser Bullets Production ProcessLaser Bullet Production

※ Laser Bullets Production EquipmentLaser module production equipment

※ Laser Bullets Testing EquipmentLaser Module testing equipment

※ Laser Bullet and Laser Target Payment and Shipment

  1. MOQ: 1pc

  2. Delivery time: 3-20 days

  3. Shipment Terms: FOB Xi'an China

  4. Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal

  5. Shipment Method: DHL, FedEx, UPS

※ Contact us

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