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Lidar is widely used

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Lidar is an important sensor which integrates laser, GPS positioning and inertial measurement device.Its wavelength is mainly located in the near infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum (780nm, 808nm, 850nm, 940nm, 1064nm).In recent years, with the continuous development of intelligent cars, lidar is paying more and more attention. However, as the "eye" of machines, lidar is not only used in intelligent cars, and its application has a broader space.

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In the field of industrial manufacturing, lidar is becoming increasingly valuable.Now, more and more enterprises are committed to the introduction of robots into the manufacturing field, to start automated production, and lidar just can be landed in mobile robots and industrial automation processes;In the field of intelligent logistics, lidar applications are increasing day by day.Whether it is from moving to storage or logistics, lidar can be said to be comprehensive coverage.In warehousing, lidar can assist the stacker to realize the automatic goods in and out of storage;In logistics scenarios such as ports, lidar can also ensure the accuracy of cargo grabbing, reduce the difficulty of operation, and improve the efficiency and effect of logistics handling and packing, which can be said to be of significant value.In the field of smart urban governance, lidar is useful.For example, in terms of traffic, lidar can help detect high-speed toll stations to ensure that vehicles meet the requirements.In terms of security, lidar can also become the eye of a variety of security monitoring equipment, deployed in the train platform, access control and other places needed, so as to ensure the real-time security of the region and scene;In the business world, lidar is a big deal.By being applied to service robots, lidar can help with food delivery, cleaning, disinfection and other services in hotels, office buildings, shopping malls and hospitals.At the same time, it is applied to the parking bar and so on, which can also help the intelligent parking system to operate more effectively;And applied to a variety of screens, but also help multimedia interaction, screen interaction, to meet the user interactive experience.

All in all, lidar can do a lot of things, and the future is very promising.But the high cost of lidar is still its restriction, at the same time, the market share is not high, but also the heart disease of Chinese enterprises.In this context, China wants to have a sense of participation in lidar, and promote the development of the industry mature and strong.On the one hand, it is to solve some long-standing problems in the field, including technology, talent, cost and so on.Chinese enterprises should continue to invest in technology research and development and innovation, and at the same time strengthen cooperation with political research and research institutes to jointly cultivate high-quality professionals and keep the cost of lidar low.On the other hand, to grasp the industry development trend.For the localization process, catching the future trend is even more important than making up for the short, because it can be a key to catching up.At present, the trend of lidar is undoubtedly high performance, low cost, chip and solid state. Based on this, the development of Chinese enterprises needs to accelerate towards these four aspects.



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