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660nm 40mW 9um Single Mode Fiber Pigtailed Laser Modules

Laser Wavelength:
Output Power:
Housing Material:
Fiber Core:
  • AM660SF40FC
  • 90132000.99
  • Red  Visible 
  • 650nm 
  • Fiber 

660nm 40mW 9um Single Mode Fiber Pigtailed Laser Modules

laser wavelength chart

AimLaser provides low power Pigtailed Coaxial Fiber Coupled Laser Modules whose wavelength ranges from 405nm to 1064nm and fiber core 4um, 9um, 50um, 62.5um, 105um, 125um, 170um and 200um etc. The connectors are available for SMA, FC or ST together with different fiber length.

Featured with compact size and low power consumption, our fiber coupled lasers use special designed LD drivers based on customer applications and PD feedbacks can be added to improve the reliability and stability of the lasers.

※ 660nm 40mW 4um Pigtailed Laser Diode Module Descriptions

The AM660SF40FC is a red pigtailed fiber coupled laser diode Module subassembly with collimated beam. The maximum laser output power is 40.0mW at 660nm.

660nm 40mW 4um Pigtailed Laser Diode Module Optical and Electrical Characteristics

Model Number AM660SF40FC Pigtailed Fiber Coupled Laser Module
Wavelength 660nm
Output Power ≥40.0mW (Customer ACC)
Laser Mode CW
Spectral Width <2.0nm
Wavelength Shift 0.3nm
Operating Current <250mA (Customer ACC)
Operating Voltage 3.0V DC (Customer ACC)
Optical Lens Optical Coating Glass Lens
CDRH Class Class IIIb
Circuit control Auto Constant Current (Customer Driver)
Circuit Protection Static, Surge, and Reverse Polarity Protected
Working Temperature -10℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature -20℃ to 60℃
Dimensions Φ8x22mm (Customer ACC)
Fiber Core Diameter 9um Singlemode Fiber
Cladding Diameter 125um
Fiber Length 1m
Numerical Aperture 0.13 N.A.
Connector FC/PC
Life Span 10,000Hrs
650nm 4um 40mW Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes-AIMLASER (2) 650nm 4um 40mW Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser Diodes-AIMLASER (6)

※  Pigtailed Coaxial Fiber Coupled Laser Modules Applications

  1. Optical Alignment Systems

  2. Medical Laser Instrument

  3. CTP Laser Printing

  4. OEM Instrumentation

  5. Laboratory Instrument

  6. Laser Test and Inspection Equipment

※ Why buy Laser Modules from AimLaser?

  1. Provide One year warranty

  2. Offer customized solutions

  3. Normal sample lead time: within 2 weeks

  4. Conform to ROHS, FDA, IEC, SGS standards

  5. ISO9001:2008 certified laser module manufacturer

  6. Using original Laser Diodes from Arima, Osram, Nicha and branded chips

※  Fiber Coupled Laser Modules Production Process

Fiber Coupled Laser Modules-AIMLASER

※ Laser Modules Production Equipment

Fiber Coupled Laser Module Production Equipment-AIMLASER

※ Laser Modules Testing Equipment

Laser Module testing equipment

※ Laser Module Payment and Shipment

  1. MOQ: 1pc

  2. Delivery time: 3-20 days

  3. Shipment Terms: FOB Xi'an China

  4. Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal

  5. Shipment Method: DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT

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