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9mm Blowback Laser Trainer Bullet Shooting Simulator for Home Dry Fire Shooting Practice

Caliber Model:
Laser Color:
Beam Size:
Button Batteries:
Housing Material:
  • 9mm Laser Trainer Bullet


  • 90132000.99

  • Red  IR 

  • 635nm  650nm 

  • CW  Dot 

9mm Blowback Laser Trainer Bullet Shooting Simulator for 

Home Dry Fire Shooting Practice

laser wavelength chart

AimLaser produces dry fire laser bullet laser trainer cartridge for home shooting practice laser target training system in gold plated brass material. Dedicated in laser shooting accessories for many years, our products export to North America and Europe in mass quantity. Can engrave customer logo; OEM and ODM service provided.

※ What is Dry Fire Training Laser Bullet?

The dry fire training laser bullet is designed for home shooting practice to response the Laser Trainer Target System.

Built to fit inside chamber of pistols, rifles and shotguns, the Dry Fire Laser Bullet simulates the bullet impact with a red laser dot on paper target or laser target. Each time the firing pin strikes the hardened rubber switch; the Laser Trainer Cartridge is activated and then laser light on. 

The laser bullet can be also made for 50 milliseconds or 70ms or 80ms delay and then off, all is based on customer needs.

Featuring rimless back and fire pin activated primer rubber plunger design, the laser trainer ensures a more stable and accurate fire down the firearm barrel and will not ejected by the firearm.

The most popular Laser Trainer Cartridges are 9mm laser bullet, 45 ACP laser bullet, 40 S&W laser bullet, 38 Special laser bullet, 380 ACP laser bullet, 45 Colt laser bullet, 223 REM or 5.56mm laser bullet. Still we can also customize other types of calibers, together with replacement spare part switches or End-Caps.

Last over 1,500 shots and match phone laser apps like "iTarget", "Idryfire", "LaserHit", "Lasr APP" and also work with laser targets like LaserLyte, Laser-Ammo, iTargetPro, Cheapshot; you can enjoy a safe and effective dry fire shooting training at home with our Laser Training Cartridges.

Laser Bullets-AIMLASER

※  9mm Laser Trainer Specifications

Product Name Laser Trainer 9mm
Laser Wavelength 635nm or 650nm
Laser Type Visible Red Dot
Laser Bullet Output Power ≤3.5mW, Class IIIA
Range for Sighting 5-100 yards
Laser Dot Size <1 inch at 25 yards
Laser Bullet Working Current <35mA
Construction Material Brass in Gold Plated Coating
Optics Glass Lens
Divergence <0.60mrad
Bore Sight <0.10mrad
Laser Bullet Batteries 3x 377 or LR66 or LR626 or AG4
9mm Laser Bullet Lifetime Over 1,500 Shots
Operating Voltage 4.5VDC
Temperature -10 to +50°
9mm Home Shooting Simulator-AIMLASER (1) 9mm Home Shooting Simulator-AIMLASER (2)

Laser Trainer Bullet

※  Dry Fire Laser Trainer Packages

Laser Bullet Packages-AIMLASER

※ Laser Bullet Features

  1. Rimless end cap ensuring the laser bullet not ejected by the firearm.

  2. Hardened rubber back absorbing the impact from the firing pin, safe to your weapon.

  3. Two O rings make it fit proper and stable in the chamber;can be removed if any size issues arise.

  4. Brass construction with gold plated coating makesit antioxidant and shining like new.

  5. Can customize other cliabers if there is need, be sure to pick up the proper caliber for your firearms.

Laser Training Bullet

laser trainers※ Why buy Laser Bullets from AimLaser?

  1. Customized logo and package.

  2. After sale service: One year warranty offered.

  3. Good appearance: Full brass construction with 24K gold plated coating.

  4. Quick shipment: 3-5 working days for samples; 2-4 weeks for mass quantity.

  5. Quality guaranteed: Produced according to ISO9001:2008 quality control process.

※ Laser Bullets Production ProcessLaser Bullet Production

※ Laser Bullets Production EquipmentLaser module production equipment

※ Laser Bullets Testing EquipmentLaser Module testing equipment

※ Laser Bullets Payment and Shipment

  1. MOQ: 1pc

  2. Delivery time: 3-20 days

  3. Shipment Terms: FOB Xi'an China

  4. Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal

  5. Shipment Method: DHL, FedEx, UPS

※ Contact us

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