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Application of Laser Technology in Food Packaging

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Food packaging has the highest requirements in the packaging industry, and it is closely related to people's daily life, so it has always been highly concerned by people. With the continuous improvement of living standards, while people's spending power is constantly increasing, the requirements for packaging are also constantly strengthened. In the field of consumer goods industry, packaging has always been an important aspect of special concern, especially food safety is the top priority of food packaging. However, while paying attention to food safety and the appearance of exquisite packaging, people often ignore many details, such as people's feelings when opening food packaging.

Application of laser scribing technology

Laser scribing technology is a more advanced and flexible technology. Laser scribing technology concentrates laser Line Laser Alignment Module-AIMLASERenergy on the thin film layer to be scribed without damaging the whole film. On the other hand, the aluminum foil layer or other thin films coated with metal layers become a barrier to prevent the laser from reaching other material layers. Therefore, the characteristics of these materials can enable laser technology to accurately position and mark the packaging materials. The laser system can select a single film layer in the flexible package for scribing. In this way, the perfect and easy-to-tear effect of the flexible packaging is realized, and the integrity of the film can be maintained, so that the outer film is intact and undamaged, so that we can effectively prevent the products in the packaging from seeing light and getting wet. Secondly, the advanced laser system can scribing freely, which is the advantage of the laser scribing system. At the same time, the tear line is clearly visible through human eyes, so it is easy for consumers to tear the package. It is worth noting that laser scribing technology is a non-contact and wear-free process for food packaging, so it also ensures that the goods in the packaging will not be damaged due to the packaging process, thus ensuring the stability and reliability of the goods.

Application of laser drilling technology

The aperture of the best flexible packaging climate management package is between 60 and 300 microns, and theLaser Straight Line-AIMLASER arrangement of small holes can be changed by itself according to the actual needs, and can be carried out simultaneously with printing. Laser drilling technology is also suitable for packaging with pressure changes, such as food packaging that needs to be heated by microwave and so on. For some hard packaging materials, such as PE/PE composite materials, laser drilling technology can make a punching line containing 5-50 holes per 1 cm, which can completely achieve the effect of tearing the packaging along the dotted line. The advantages of laser drilling technology in food packaging are as follows: firstly, the size and number of holes can be accurately controlled; Secondly, fine holes can be punched and the edges of the fine holes can be prevented from breaking; Third, high-density holes can be used to make the package torn along the dotted line.

Bactericidal effect of laser

The mechanism of laser sterilization is based on the interaction between laser and substance. Laser can be used for sterilization and disinfection. Different doses and wavelengths can kill different bacteria, viruses and various parasites. Any monochromatic light between 250 and 800 nm has bactericidal ability, and the light at 256nm is most easily absorbed, which is 30,000 times higher than that at 600nm. Laser sterilization can use its thermal effect or other non-thermal effects. Moreover, the laser disinfection and sterilization efficiency is high, the speed is fast and the effect is good. 400~500nm laser irradiation can kill mites and mosquitoes; The adults of Tribolium castaneum and Sitophilus zeamais can be killed by CO2 laser. CO2 laser focused cauterization was used to treat rabbit ear acariasis, and satisfactory results were obtained.



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