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Line and Dot Lasers Green 520nm 6mW for Wall or Ceiling Interior Work

Product Name:
Output Power:
Line Thickness:
Fan Angle:
  • AM520M10G2
  • 90132000.99
  • Green  Visible 
  • 520nm 
  • CW  Dot  Line 

Line and Dot Lasers Green 520nm 6mW for Wall or Ceiling Interior Work

laser wavelength chart

AimLaser provides customized Red and Green Dot Line Laser Modules with different output power, line width and dimensions for industrial applications, which uses optical glass lens and input voltage various from 3V to 24V DC or 110VAC.

※ What is a Line Laser Generator?

Laser line projector is a great tool for alignment and positioning of opposite sides, fixed points, and process routes.

It is widely used in laser distance measurer, self leveling laser tools, laser survey instrument by projecting a distinct red or green 360 degree laser line for alignment and positioning and surveying to guide the machine operations; therefore, solve the problems of straightness, flatness, parallelism, squareness, and leveling issues.

※ Why use a Line Laser Generator?

The laser line generator can replace rulers, stops, measuring aids or templates, which greatly enhanced the processing efficiency, helped to reduce processing costs and increased productivity; therefore, improved industrial competitiveness for traditional industries. You can use both hands for working.

※ 520nm 6mW Line and Dot Green Laser Module Descriptions

The AM520M10G2 is a green dot line laser generator for self leveling laser tools, laser alignment tools or laser tape measure equipment. The maximum laser output power is 6mW at 520nm.

※ 520nm 6mW Line and Dot Green Laser Generator Optical and Electrical Characteristics

Model Number AM520M10G2 (Line and Dot Green Laser Module)
Wavelength 520nm
Output Power ≤6.0mW
Fan Angle 120°/180°
Line Width ≤2.5mm@5m
Line Accuracy <1mm@5m
DOF 1m
Optics Optical Glass Lens
Operating Current <90mA
Operating Voltage 3-5V or 12V or 24V DC
CDRH Class Class IIIb
Circuit control Auto Constanct Current (ACC)
Circuit Protection Static, Surge, and Reverse Polarity Protected
Working Temperature -10℃ to 50℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 80℃
Dimensions Φ15x21mm (PCB Inside)
Case Material Black Anodized Aluminum 
Life Span 8,000Hrs
Industrial Line Laser Modules-AIMLASER Laser Green Line Generator-AIMLASER

※ AimLaser Line Laser Module Features

   Long lifetime

   Compact size

   Easy mounting

   High brightness

   Convenient adjustment

   High reliability and stability

   Wide temperature operation -10℃ to 50℃

※ Dot Line Laser Module Applications

   Laser Line Maker

   Laser Tape Measurer

   Laser Measuring Tools

   Laser Alignment Systems

   Laser Distance Measurer

   Laser Survey Instrument

   3D Laser Scanner

   Self Leveling Laser Tools etc.   

※ Why buy Line Lasers from AimLaser?

  Provide One year warranty

  Offer customized solutions

  Normal sample lead time: within 2 weeks

  Conform to ROHS, FDA, IEC, SGS standards

  ISO9001:2008 certified laser module manufacturer

  Using original Laser Diodes from Arima, Osram, Nicha and branded chips

※ Laser Modules Production Process

Laser Module Production Process

※ Laser Modules Production EquipmentLaser module production equipment

※ Laser Modules Testing Equipment

Laser Module testing equipment

※ Laser Module Payment and Shipment

  1. MOQ: 1pc

  2. Delivery time: 3-20 days

  3. Shipment Terms: FOB Xi'an China

  4. Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, PayPal

  5. Shipment Method: DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT

※ Contact us

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