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  • VCSEL lasers

    most VCSELs are based on gallium arsenide semiconductor, and the emission wavelength is mainly in the near-infrared band. It is a laser that emits laser light perpendicular to the surface of the substrate. Multiple lasers can be arranged in multiple directions on the substrate to form a parallel light source or an area array light source. It is one of the main light sources in the field of optical fiber communication or optical sensing.

  • Lasers type

    The so-called laser technology is a general term for exploring and developing various methods of generating lasers and exploring and applying these characteristics of lasers for the benefit of mankind.

  • The type of lasers

    In the light source, the realization of energy level population inversion is the premise of realizing light amplification, that is, the precondition of generating laser light.

  • Characteristics of lasers

    Laser is a kind of light that does not exist in nature and is emitted due to excitation. It has the characteristics of good directionality, high brightness, good monochromaticity and good coherence.

  • The light-emitting principle of semiconductor lasers

    Semiconductor lasers, also known as laser diodes, are lasers that use semiconductor materials as working materials. It has the characteristics of small size and long lifespan, and can use simple injection current to pump its working voltage and current compatible with integrated circuits, so it can be monolithically integrated with it. Due to these advantages, semiconductor diode lasers have been widely used in laser communications, optical storage, optical gyroscopes, laser printing, ranging and radar.

  • Why choose infrared semiconductor laser for laser soldering

    In recent years, market demand has promoted the development of technology. Nowadays, when electronic products are becoming more and more refined, traditional soldering iron welding and wave soldering can no longer meet the welding of all electronic products.

  • Blue light can effectively weaken the superbug MRSA

    Recently, some researchers have discovered that blue light can weaken a particularly annoying "super bacteria" and make it again affected by mild fungicides.

  • Near-infrared and green lasers are applied to the stem cells

    Recently, scientists have discovered through research that irradiating a near-infrared laser to adult stem cells derived from human fat can increase the replication speed of stem cells by 54%, and using green lasers can transform stem cells into different types of cells at a faster rate. . Under laboratory conditions, continuous laser irradiation of adult stem cells will lead to increased proliferation and differentiation.

  • How to choose between red and green laser measurement?

    The laser used for measurement is much more accurate than a standard tape measure, and allows you to simply place and measure, rather than actually measuring the distance between points.

  • The application of red laser in medical equipment

    Laser has the four characteristics of good directivity, coherence, monochromaticity and high brightness (high optical power density), which are the reasons why lasers are widely used in many fields.

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