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  • Advantages of laser incident intrusion detector in burglar alarm
    In the field of burglar alarm, there are many popular perimeter protection technologies at present, such as vibrating cable, outdoor three-authentication probe, leaking cable, tension fence, electronic fence, infrared correlation and other technologies.
  • Principle and characteristics of laser detector in rail transit alarm system
    At present, China's railway industry is developing at a high speed, the railway network is becoming denser and denser, and the number of railway platforms is increasing.
  • Laser cosmetic surgery
    With the emergence and development of mesoderm therapy, intense pulsed light, radio frequency technology and electro-optical integration technology.
  • Principle and development prospect of fiber laser
    Fiber laser technology shows broad application prospects and great technical advantages in high-speed and large-capacity wavelength division multiplexing fiber communication system, high-precision fiber sensing technology and high-power laser.
  • Laser sterilization
    The mechanism of laser sterilization is based on the interaction between laser and substance. Laser can be used for sterilization and disinfection. Different doses and wavelengths can kill different bacteria, viruses and various parasites.
  • Laser characteristics of different wavelengths
    Characteristics of lasers with different wavelengths Blue laser: The penetration depth is the shallowest.Green laser: The penetrating power of tissue is stronger than blue light intensity.
  • Characteristics and application of infrared technology
    Infrared ray is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between microwave and visible light. It has the same essence as radio wave and visible light. Its wavelength is between 770 nm and 1 mm, and it is located outside the red light in spectrum.
  • Application of Laser Technology in Food Packaging
    Food packaging has the highest requirements in the packaging industry, and it is closely related to people's daily life, so it has always been highly concerned by people. With the continuous improvement of living standards.
  • Principle and application of long-distance infrared laser night vision system
    Ultra-long-distance infrared laser night vision system is composed of high-power semiconductor laser LD, driving controller, optical beam expanding and collimating lens, camera and its long focal length lens, transmission system and monitor, etc.
  • Factors affecting the quality of copper/aluminum laser welding
    The fusion of laser technology and welding technology realizes a non-contact welding method, which uses a small amount of heat input and a small heat affected zone to weld multi-layer metals.
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