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  • Dry fire is very important for shooters

    dry firing practice is one of the best ways to become a good marksman. dry firing is critical to building muscle memory. dry fire exercises to hone your trigger control.

  • Why are green lasers so much brighter than other colors?

    Because the sensitivity of our eyes peaks near the wavelength of green light, a green laser at 532nm is 5-7x brighter than any other color laser at the same power, and a 500mW green laser will be brighter than a 500mW 445nm blue, 650nm red or 405nm purple laser​. Therefore, a green laser is an ideal light source for outdoor use during daytime when the power exceeds 300mW.

  • Semiconductor laser:working principle and application 

    the semiconductor laser is developing in the direction of shorter emission wavelength, larger emission power, ultra-small, and long life, to meet the needs of various applications, the product category is increasingly rich. It has also been widely used in laser processing, 3D printing, lidar, laser ranging, military, medical and life sciences. In addition, high-power direct semiconductor lasers are widely used in cutting and welding fields by coupling into optical fibers for transmission.

  • Laser display will become the mainstream display

    The laser display technology, which uses solid-state laser working material pumped by semiconductors and controls the reflection of red, green, and blue laser light ​sources on DMD chip, has become one of the mainstream display technologies in the future and is also the key strategic technology of China's key development.

  • Blue lasers: what are the advantages?

    In many industrial applications, infrared lasers have very good results. However, for the processing of non-ferrous metals, especially copper, the absorption of non-ferrous metals to the laser is very low due to the wavelength of an infrared beam, which brings instability to the operation of the welding process, resulting in welding errors in production and resulting in waste products. For high absorption, blue light with a wavelength of 450nm is the ideal choice.

  • Green laser: characteristics and applications

    In modern society, glass is a very more important material in industrial production. Whether in machinery, construction, decoration, or the production of electronic products, different types of glass have different roles.

  • Fiber-coupled lasers: single-mode and multi-mode

    Fiber laser is a laser with rare-earth-doped glass fiber as a gain medium. Fiber lasers can be developed based on fiber amplifiers. Under the action of pumping light, the high power density is easily formed in the fiber, resulting in the "particle number inversion" of the laser energy level of the laser working substance, and the laser oscillation output can be formed by adding a positive feedback loop (forming a resonant cavity) appropriately.

  • Blue laser: classification and application

    There are many ways to classify semiconductor lasers. On the basis of the wavelength can be divided into the far-infrared laser, near-infrared laser, visible laser, ultraviolet laser, and other categories. Visible semiconductor lasers (wavelength 400~700 nm) are one of the important categories. The blue semiconductor laser is a semiconductor laser whose output wavelength is in the range of 400 -500 nm.

  • Laser processing:principle and advantage

    Laser processing refers to the use of laser beam projected on the surface of the thermal effect of the material to complete the processing process, including laser welding, laser cutting, surface modification, laser marking, laser drilling and micro machining. Laser can adapt to all materials processing and manufacturing, especially in some special precision requirements, special occasions and special materials processing and manufacturing has an irreplaceable role.

  • Autonomous wheelchair: Lidar carries humanistic care

    Lidar is an important sensor integrating laser, GPS positioning and inertial measurement device. Its wavelength is mainly located in the near infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum (780nm, 808nm, 850nm, 940nm, 1064nm).With the emergence and development of intelligent vehicles, laser radar has a broader space.

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