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Laser cosmetic surgery

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Since 1970s, laser technology has been used to treat skin pigmented and vascular diseases in China. With the emergence and development of mesoderm therapy, intense pulsed light, radio frequency technology and electro-optical integration technology, minimally invasive and non-invasive technology has become a major trend of medical development.

Laser Characteristics and Wavelength Selection

Laser is characterized by good monochromaticity, strong coherence and high power. The phenomenon of reflection, transmission, scattering or absorption will occur when the laser touches the skin tissue; The higher the energy of the laser, the1064nm Laser Diode Modules-AIMLASER (1) stronger the penetration and the deeper the level into the skin. Therefore, clinicians should adjust the parameters according to the patient's disease characteristics, requirements and response to treatment, so as to achieve the best effect with minimal damage. To maximize the effect, we must strictly select the indications according to the types of laser under the guidance of professional doctors, and minimize the adverse reactions and complications caused by laser therapy as much as possible. Laser has attracted more and more attention because of its advantages of no operation, short time and quick effect. Light can be selectively absorbed by chromophores-hemoglobin, melanin and water, which are the main endogenous targets of skin. Absorption can be controlled by wavelength, energy, power, spot diameter and pulse width. Therefore, if laser skin tightening is used, the target is the moisture of dermis, and the wavelength that can be absorbed by skin melanin and/or hemoglobin is not selected. 1064nm wavelength laser selectively destroys blood vessels in the target skin; 515nm wavelength laser can destroy pigment; While 800nm semiconductor laser can selectively absorb melanin to damage hair shaft.

Factors influencing laser cosmetology

The effect of laser cosmetology is positive, but at the same time it is also affected by many factors: such as individual differences of patients; The level of the treating physician; The quality of the laser used; Postoperative care. As a minimally invasive treatment, laser may still have some complications during and after operation, such as fear and pain of treatment, erythema, swelling, blisters and even blood blisters after operation, skin tightness, dryness, desquamation, aging, pigmentation, hypopigmentation, scar formation, telangiectasia, skin sensitivity, decreased barrier function, even burns of cornea and retina for practitioners, and also for patients and operators. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job of preoperative and postoperative protection. Laser treatment can achieve whitening effect by acting on melanin. People's skin color is determined by heredity, and it is related to the content of melanin, hemoglobin, carotene in skin and the thickness of epidermis. The type of skin can't be changed, so it's unrealistic to pursue 100% perfect effect.

Points for attention in laser cosmetology

Generally speaking, most laser surgery requires avoiding exposure to the sun one month before operation, and the patient should actively cooperate and properly arrange the time. Don't take ibuprofen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin and photosensitive drugs for a week before surgery. Female patients should not be treated during menstruation. Patients with520Green Laser Pen Pointer-AIMLASER (1) coagulation defects should be treated with caution, and appropriate sunscreen can be applied. One week after operation, avoid heat, including washing with hot water, strenuous exercise, sweating and excessive sun exposure. The treatment area is not in direct contact with water or other dirt, and it is forbidden to rub and scratch scab film. Make-up is prohibited. It is advisable to have a light diet after operation, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins A, C and E, as well as fish, shrimp and milk with high protein content. Fasting spicy and irritating food and alcoholic beverages. Fasting light-sensitive vegetables with strong light absorption, such as celery, coriander and rape; Avoid pigmentation caused by absorption of more light at the treatment site after operation. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of patients' disease status, skin types and expected curative effect, choosing the appropriate laser for treatment according to their individual differences and skin conditions, making full preparations before surgery, following the doctor's advice after surgery and earnestly implementing appropriate nursing care can minimize the occurrence of complications, thus obtaining the best therapeutic effect and keeping beauty with life ...



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