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Principle and characteristics of laser detector in rail transit alarm system

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At present, China's railway industry is developing at a high speed, the railway network is becoming denser and denser, and the number of railway platforms is increasing. While the railway is convenient for our transportation, the safety management of passengers on railway platforms has also become the most important concern of railway managers. However, in China, whether it is a high-speed railway platform or an ordinary train platform, the safety management of waiting passengers on the platform only depends on the manual management of the safety administrator on the platform holding a horn, which will lead to safety loopholes and work pressure and physical and mental exhaustion of platform safety managers. Therefore, it is particularly important to design and produce a set of voice alarm system for passenger platform crossing line for railway platform. Voice alarm system for passenger platform crossing line provides technical support for intelligent and safe operation of railway platform, and at the same time greatly reduces the working pressure of railway staff, and becomes the basic supporting facilities for safe operation of railway platform.

Alarm principle of laser correlation detector

The laser protection device is mainly composed of laser transmitter, laser receiver, alarm device, cable, power supply, 650nm Red Laser Line Generator-AIMLASER (1)back-end host and public address system, etc. Alarm devices are set at the station train exit and station control room. In the normal working state, the laser transmitter emits a laser beam, which is received by the receiver to form a complete normal loop. When the laser detector detects that someone or a large object crosses the yellow warning line, the output signal of the laser detector changes (normally closed to normally open). After receiving the alarm signal of the laser detector change, the intelligent voice alarm controller used with the laser detector automatically identifies which area (defense area) gives an alarm, and uploads the status information and alarm information to the comprehensive monitoring system and control center to realize remote monitoring. At the same time, output the voice alarm information of the corresponding defense area, and broadcast the alarm voice through the broadcast system connected with the alarm controller: "Passengers in XX defense area cross the line, please exit as soon as possible". The voice content can also be customized according to customer requirements. According to different places, multiple sets of laser safety protection devices can be set up. After hearing the voice alarm of the broadcast system, passengers who cross the line will exit the safety area outside the yellow warning line in time, thus achieving the purpose of preventing accidents.

Performance characteristics of laser correlation detector

808nm laser is used as the light source, which can penetrate the interference caused by various harsh natural environments and has better stability. The transmitter has built-in precision angle adjustment mechanism, each beam can be 808nm Line Laser Module-AIMLASERadjusted independently, and the warning distance is ultra-long, and the outdoor warning can be up to 5km. The transmitter and receiver all adopt military-grade chips, and the lowest working temperature can reach-55; AGC automatic gain control circuit and automatic energy memory circuit with independent intellectual property rights of our company are adopted, which can automatically adapt to environmental changes after one debugging and alignment, so as to ensure that the detector can still work normally under the interference of harsh environment; The internal structure is all made of ABS material with antistatic formula, which can completely isolate the damage of static electricity or lightning. Adopt industrial high-quality 304 stainless steel shell and explosion-proof glass lens, which is exquisite, beautiful, atmospheric and resistant to violent damage; Insect-proof, dustproof and waterproof to ensure the normal operation of the laser detector in complex and harsh environment; The guard height and the number of beams can be customized according to customers' requirements, which makes it more versatile.



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