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Fiber laser module applications

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Laser has the reputation of "the fastest knife, the brightest light and the most accurate ruler".It is widely used in many industries such as material processing, electronic information, aerospace, military weapons, communications and medical treatment.

Laserdiode cutting-Aimlaser

Fiber laser doped with rare earth elements, which is mainly composed of pump source, isolator, beam combining device, doped fiber and other components. Compared with the traditional solid and gas laser, fiber pigtailed laser diode has characteristics of good laser beam quality, high energy density, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, good heat dissipation performance, compact structure, maintenance free, flexible transmission, wide range of machinable materials, known as the "third generation of laser".It is widely used in the field of material processing such as carving, marking, cutting, welding and surface treatment, and is gradually replacing the traditional processing methods. such as physical processing, chemical processing and printing processing.

450nm 50mW Single Mode Fiber Coupled Laser Modules-AIMLASER Coaxial Laser Modules-AIMLASER Coaxial Laser Modules-AIMLASER

Domestic medium and low power fiber coupled laser modules are widely used in metal sheet cutting and welding, and sales are expected to maintain rapid growth in the next few years.In the next few years, China's laser industry will include laser cleaning (in addition to paint, oil removal, in addition to oxide layer, cleaning screw, rust removal, weld cleaning, mold repair, etc.), laser welding, ultrafast pulse picosecond/femtosecond laser applications.



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