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Blue line lasers’ aplacation in 3D laser profile sensor

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The laser profile sensor uses the principle of laser triangular reflection to measure the size of any contour of an object, such as height difference, width, Angle, radius, etc., and can also realize the functions of defect detection, appearance size scanning, surface feature tracking, etc.High speed, high precision, non-contact, easy to install, can simultaneously measure multiple dimensions on a profile.

Why blue laser profile analysis?

Red lasers normally operate at 650nm. Longer wavelengths of light penetrate the surface further, blurring the laser line and reducing the accuracy of the measurement.Longer wavelengths result in more speckle (noise) in the data when interacting with tiny surface features on highly machined and reflective metal parts.

The blue laser works at 405-450nm in the visible spectrum.The shorter wavelength allows the laser lines to be thinner and more focused for accurate measurements, producing fewer speckles and better scattering.Shorter wavelengths and narrower laser lines produce less noisy images for sharper data when scanning tiny surface features on highly polished and highly machined surfaces.For railway tracks, for example, blue laser sensors can provide high-quality 3D scans of train tracks, even when the sun is shining or the ballast is wet.

635nm 5mW Aiming Laser Modules 4x10mm-AIMLASER Class 3a Laser Diode Modules 5mW 635nm-AIMLASER

The blue line laser profile sensor uses the latest 2 million pixel imaging technology, a custom embedded processor and optimized optical components for rapid detection of reflective surfaces (up to 5kHz) and increased sensitivity.At the same time, the industrial enclosure with IP67 protection grade, integrated design, Web-based user Settings, built-in 3D visualization and rich measurement tools and communication protocols are unique in the 3D sensor market.

What specific industries can laser profile sensors be used in?

Designed for accurate 3D scanning of glossy materials such as machined metal surfaces, the blue-line laser profile sensor also has a wide field of view for use in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, consumer electronics, railways and common industrial automation applications.

1, the automotive industry, such as: automobile assembly position, gap detection, car handle surface detection, tire detection, complex contour size detection;

2, mobile phone industry, such as: mobile phone panel assembly alignment, mobile phone component size detection, mobile phone screen thickness detection, mobile phone show curve curve surface measurement;

3, semiconductor industry, such as: PCB board detection, electronic components high, wide, Angle detection, IC pin spacing and distortion measurement;

4. Hardware industry, such as: gear clamp alignment detection, gear pitch detection, bearing height detection, etc.



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