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Laser tender skin to solve female obsession

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As the saying goes "a white cover three ugly" white skin will give people a good feeling and impression.However, due to a lot of factors, especially the haze reason, "spot female" there are a lot of people.But laser skin tenderness can help these women get rid of spots and greet whitening.

Laser skin tenderness is the use of a specific wide spectrum of color light, directly reflected on the skin surface, can penetrate to the deep skin, laser skin tenderness selectively on the subcutaneous pigment or blood vessels, decompose color spots, close abnormal red blood silk, eliminate various defects on the skin.

940nm IR Laser Module -AIMLASER850nm laser mudules-AIMLASER

At present, the commonly used mature laser skin technology has photon skin (cold laser) and color light skin.Photon skin rejuvenation is a kind of non-sensitive treatment process, its wavelength is 940nm, mainly plays a role in skin care.A highly advanced computer regulates the light pulse to a specific wavelength range of 700nm-1200nm. The heat energy generated by the light pulse can penetrate deep into the bottom of the skin, promote the collagen growth in the dermis, and effectively improve the skin quality in an overall way.

 laser skin tenderness on the skin tissue

Laser skin tenderness on the skin tissue to produce photothermal and photochemical action, promote the collagen fiber and elastic fiber new and rearrangement, so that facial skin to restore elasticity, wrinkle elimination or reduce facial spots.Thus play the role of skin anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

 The laser can penetrate the skin without damage

Laser skin tenderness is the use of an adjustable wavelength of 1064nm laser, the laser can penetrate the skin without damage and is the pigment group in the tissue and its blood vessel hemoglobin selective absorption, under the premise of not destroying the normal tissue cells, laser skin whitening to expand the blood vessels, pigment mass, pigment cells and other destruction and decomposition,So as to achieve laser skin spot whitening, to the effect of red blood silk.At the same time, laser can also effectively act on the sebaceous glands of the skin, and can regulate and inhibit the function of the sebaceous glands, so as to improve the oily skin.

Tender skin is a kind of laser treatment, peeling it from base layer improve skin quality, provide the interventional treatment, and is suitable for different state of skin, penetrate the skin by a specific wavelength, direct effects on cells and fibroblasts, collagen of the dermis to collagen in the skin to regenerate, really achieve the effect of skin care.There is almost no damage to the skin.



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