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The laser to stop smoking

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Cigarette, fascinate a person, knowing that harm people, but can not stop.For a long time, people have tried to study a variety of smoking cessation methods, Chinese acupuncture has a treatment for smoking cessation, through the regulation of the nervous system to control dopamine secretion activity, dopamine system to restore balance, so as to relieve the body's dependence on nicotine.The principle of smoking cessation by laser is similar to that of acupuncture in Traditional Chinese medicine, but the operation is simpler.

Laser to quit from the university of m del sykes introduce high-tech laser technology, Ms. Sykes university on the basis of medical research, put forward a new kind of laser treatments, the treatment is mainly USES the weak laser some points of the human body, the laser photoelectric biological effects and the combination of traditional acupuncture, especially the ear acupuncture points,Thus eliminating smokers' urgent need for nicotine. Laser smoking cessation uses infrared light (780nm-1064nm) to activate the secretion of opioid peptides in the hypothalamus and block the stimulation channel of nicotine to the happy nerve in the cerebral cortex.Lighting cigarettes again will make smokers produce dizziness, nausea and other adverse symptoms, and will not re-smoke.The painless treatment, which causes no side effects, requires three to five sessions of 60 to 90 minutes each.

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Those who had the laser treatment reported more energy, better sleep, better comfort and no weight loss or gain.At the same time, laser smoking cessation museum warm, fashionable environment, relaxed experience, coupled with excellent service, bring smokers a certain sense of comfort.In short, laser smoking cessation compared with other drugs or smoking cessation AIDS products, its advantages are more obvious.First, there are no side effects, and second, the treatment time is short and the effect is very quick.

Of course, lasers have their downsides.Laser smoking cessation only from the physical abstain from the body's need for nicotine, smoking psychological factors still exist, and environmental factors can not be changed.Smoking is a habit of life or work, although no longer physically need cigarettes, but the kind of habitual smoking may exist for a long time, such as a cigarette after a meal, squatting toilet smoking, work entertainment, life pressure smoking and so on.Accordingly, want to give up smoking completely successfully, still ask psychologically to have sufficient preparation, the willpower that gives up smoking also cannot be lax, prevent all previous efforts to be wasted.

At present, the application of laser smoking cessation in China is still very slow, more is the commercial promotion.Smoking cessation is not a disease in China and is not included in the medical insurance system. Therefore, few regular hospitals have smoking cessation departments.But for China's hundreds of millions of smokers, quitting is both imperative and possible.



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