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UV laser marking machine assistance mask and forehead temperature gun anti-counterfeiting traceability

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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, face masks and forehead warmers have become a necessity of life at the present stage.However, the huge demand gap has allowed some illegal vendors to take advantage of the gap, and a large number of inferior masks have entered the market. Terms related to "fake masks" and "mask fraud" have been frequently searched.Fake masks not only have no protective effect, but also pose a risk of contamination due to substandard environmental hygiene, which is extremely harmful to personal health.The most direct way to identify a genuine mask is to look at the laser anti-counterfeiting mark.

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Forehead temperature gun, generally is the LOGO printed on the plastic shell, the effect of ultraviolet laser marking machine, laser engraving the without handle, the font will not yellowed by burning, can reflect the grade of the brand, and the ultraviolet laser marking machine price relative optical fiber laser marking machine is higher, so it can reduce the chance of being fake, anti-counterfeit effect.

The basic principle of laser marking is to use the laser beam with high energy density to act on the surface of the material, and make the surface material instantly gasification or color change by focusing, and can control the path of the laser on the surface of the material to form the required permanent graphic marks.Because laser marking can type a variety of words, symbols and patterns, the character size can be from millimeter to micron magnitude, which has special significance for the security of products, so it is widely used in the security market.

Because medical products are in direct contact with the human body, it is related to the people's life and health. Therefore, the prevention and control of counterfeiting of medical products has become the top priority to protect the health and safety of consumers.Laser marking anti - counterfeiting technology solves this problem.In fact, laser marking anti-counterfeiting technology in food, medicine, tobacco, cosmetics, electronic products and other areas of packaging anti-counterfeiting, traceback also plays a huge role, it can be said that laser marking anti-counterfeiting has been integrated into all aspects of our lives.



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