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Green laser: characteristics and applications

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In modern society, glass is a very more important material in industrial production. Whether in machinery, construction, decoration, or the production of electronic products, different types of glass have different roles. In the glass production process, glass design and cutting also have more requirements and demands.

520nm 5mW Laser Modules for Green Laser Dot Sight-AIMLASER 5mW Laser Modules-AIMLASERGreen Laser modulesr-AIMLASER

Green laser module belongs to a cold light source, focusing spot is very small, the use of heat effect ablation glass material surface cutting at the same time will not affect the material surface, avoid deformation and burning caused by the processing problems.

 In glass-cutting, the green laser can greatly improve the work efficiency, can achieve 24 hours of continuous processing, marking speed suitable for assembly line production and other characteristics, which makes green laser appears quite outstanding. In addition, the cutting effect of the green laser module is very good, and the glass cut is smooth, which can also be well adapted to the complex processing of multiple shapes.

In addition, maintenance-free, zero consumables, simple operation, high quality, high efficiency, environmental protection, and green, these characteristics together, make the green laser more popular, in industrial processing, the green laser has a more and more important role.

520nm 1mW-300mW green laser modules provided by Aiming Laser Technology Co. adopts high-quality imported laser diode, high-quality optical coated glass lens, and high-performance APC or ACC drive circuit. which has the characteristics of high reliability, good stability, compact structure, low power consumption, and long service life. Our green laser modules can be used in scientific research laboratory instruments, medical laser instruments, military equipment, consumer product, nightwear sporting products, automotive interior ambient light, laser scanning systems, laser aiming systems, laser alignment systems, laser detecting instruments, laser positioning system, laser surveying instrument OEM instrumentation, and other industrial applications. We can customize your required wavelength, output power, beam size, line width, and housing dimensions etc. 



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