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Green laser were applicated in all kinds of the industry

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All-solid-state lasers are developing in the direction of multiple wavelengths. Among them, LD-pumped all-solid-state green lasers are developing rapidly and are widely used in various fields.

Medical applications

Since the human eye is most sensitive to green light, pulsed lasers with a wavelength of 532ITm can be used for ophthalmic surgery; the pulsed green light can also be used to treat vascular diseases. A 532nm Q-switched pulsed laser with an output power of 3W is designed and manufactured to treat stroke. Because of its high power, the pulsed green laser has a relatively short action time on the skin, so that the laser will not produce non-selective heating of the skin tissue around the target tissue, which will not cause thermal damage and reduce the risk of laser pointer manufacturers - AIMLASER

Application in the field of color display

Compared with other display light sources, laser display technology has the unique advantages of wide color gamut, high color purity, flexible display screen size, and no harmful electromagnetic radiation. It can be used in home theaters, digital theaters, large screen projections, and large public information. Screens, teaching demonstrations, virtual reality simulations and many other fields have become the preferred video display equipment for homes and outdoors in the future. The image displayed by the laser is richer in color and more vivid than the existing color TV. It can reflect the true colors of the natural world, and even display virtual colors. Therefore, the high-power three-color all-solid-state laser as the key technology of laser color display has become the current international A major development direction in the field of laser research.

Application in laser precision processing

Due to its high brightness, small focus spot, short action time, small heat-affected zone, and no large deformation of the workpiece due to processing, the green laser can process some materials with high hardness and brittleness. It shows its unique superiority. In addition, lasers are also widely used in the electronics industry and can be used to adjust the resistance of micro-resistors. With the improvement of laser performance and the emergence of new types of lasers, the application of lasers in VLSI circuits has become a key technology that cannot be replaced by many other processes, showing an encouraging prospect for the development of VLSI circuits.

As a laser pump source

Ultraviolet lasers and deep ultraviolet lasers have a wide range of applications in military, industry, medicine, printing, etc. The use of green light as a pump source is currently the most effective and extensive method for generating ultraviolet and deep ultraviolet lasers. LD-pumped solid-state lasers can be used as the pump source of femtosecond lasers. For example, a green laser is used as the pump source to pump Ti:Al2O crystals to generate femtosecond pulses. In addition, the green laser can also be used as the pump source of the parametric LD-pumped all-solid-state continuous green laser oscillator. In addition, all solid-state green lasers are also widely used in optical storage, information processing, laser spectroscopy and holography, coherent communication, laser entertainment, lidar, interferometry, optical data storage, military industry and other fields. Therefore, all solid-state green lasers have very important scientific research value and broad application prospects.



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