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Semiconductor laser works

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Semiconductor laser is an optoelectronic device that can emit coherent radiation light (with the same phase, basically the same wavelength and high intensity) under current injection.The working elements of semiconductor laser include laser radiation, resonant cavity, gain is greater than or equal to loss.

 semiconductor laser -AIMLASERSemiconductor laser structure -AIMLASER

Below, we take the structure diagram of 635nm 1mW  red dot laser, so you can understand the specific structure of diode laser more clearly.

Semiconductor laser structure diagram

Select material of semiconductor lasers are important, Aiming Laser Technology co., LTD. Semiconductor lasers select the high quality imported laser diode, high performance, high quality optically coated glass lens. Characteristic with high reliability, good stability, compact structure, low power consumption. 

We can customize your requried wavelength, outputpower, line width, fan angle, working voltage and housing dimensiong etc.  you provide your demand, we can make a laser diode.



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