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Green laser vs red lasers

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In fact, the choice of green or red flashlight laser light can be based on personal preference, but if you require a longer range, I suggest that friends who require more obvious effects can choose green light, because green is the most obvious effect in the laser source RGB, which is better than the equivalent. Power, other colors have a longer range. However, what is the difference between red and green laser pointers? The following editor will give you an introduction:

Laser flashlight overviewChina red light laser pointer - AIMLASER

The laser flashlight is a semiconductor laser. The reason for the laser pointer is that its volume is easier to dissipate. The laser module is directly in contact with the aluminum flashlight shell. Generally, the flashlight module is relatively thick. As shown in the figure below, the heat dissipation is better, so it is stable. The performance is better than the laser pointer (laser pointer is a copper shell)! The power of laser flashlights generally ranges from more than 5mw to several hundred milliwatts. Some laser flashlights (such as blue laser flashlights) have power up to 1w; at the same time, some laser flashlights also have adjustable focus function, the laser beam is strong and clear, and the range is long. Most of them use rechargeable batteries (such as 18650 type rechargeable batteries), and some have safety locks, which are named after their appearance like a flashlight.

Types of light flashlights

Mainly divided by light color, can be divided into red light 635-650nm, green light 532nm, orange light 593.5nm, blue-violet 405-450nm (450nm is already near blue light), blue light 473nm

The price of laser flashlights is generally more than 100 yuan, and the price order is generally red light <blue purple <green light; laser flashlight red light. When the laser power is between 150 and 250, the cost of blue-violet light increases significantly, red light <green light <Blue-violet (bonded crystal laser, non-expensive separate crystal laser)

There is a problem

 1. After most players buy it, they just play, light a match, shoot a balloon, no special purpose, but be careful not to install the battery backwards (mostly facing outwards), if the problem is serious, you may also use the laser flashlight Burn out.

 2. At night or when the weather is cold, the laser flashlight becomes dark. At this time, it is not that the battery is out of power, but that the semiconductor is sensitive to temperature. At this time, you can cover it with your hand for a while, and wait for the temperature to rise above 20°C. If it does not work, consider whether the battery is insufficient.

 3. The marked power of laser flashlights on the market is much inaccurate.

 In fact, 50mw laser flashlight focusing can easily ignite matches, which almost kills black-headed matches in seconds. Because a laser flashlight is a high-energy-consuming electronic product, it will also produce a lot of transients during the lighting process. The series sequence of the same power laser is probably blue-violet>red light>green light. The ability of green light to burn things is mainly There is no infrared without filtering. Therefore, few lasers on the market with a price of less than 1,000 yuan have true pure green light, and they all have no infrared filter! The laser flashlight with crystal is recommended to be used for no more than 1 minute, and it should be used again after cooling down; while the laser flashlight with separated crystal should be used for a relatively long time of 10 to 30 minutes, until the battery is dead! Very expensive, and the heat resistance and stability of the glued crystal are far inferior to that of the separated crystal. This is where the laser is relative, and it also faces the limit power of the laser flashlight (the green light power of the glued crystal is generally only about 200mw at the highest. Of course, because green light is a very extreme light source, its peak value may reach 300mw, 400mw is possible). Of course, after testing, if there is a good heat dissipation condition, the laser of the glued crystal can also be fully lit. Equipped with a separate cooling fan and a scientifically optimized storage enclosure, these conditions are simply impossible to achieve on a simple flashlight enclosure.



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