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Fiber lasers can save costs

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Fiber lasers can save costs

Fiber lasers set a new standard for the laser processing industry due to their ultra-high reliability, excellent beam quality, and low operating costs.At the same time, fiber laser has the characteristics of small volume, low energy consumption, long life, high stability, multi-band, green environmental protection, long gain medium, high coupling efficiency, good heat dissipation, simple and compact structure, so that it has won the affirmation of many laser industry.If you want to switch to fiber pigtailed lasers, how much can you save?

Users can save considerable costs if they use fiber lasers in production, depending on their current process, materials, production environment, electrical and labor costs.

Corning Fibrance Fiber Laser Source-AIMLASER Corning Green Light Diffusing Fiber Laser Source with USBfiber pigtailed laser-AIMLASER

Fiber lasers can save costs mainly in the following aspects:

1. Higher conversion efficiency: the electro-optical conversion efficiency of the fiber laser is up to 30℅, which greatly saves the power consumption during operation and reduces the operating cost.This is not comparable to traditional lasers.

2. Cooling: because of the high efficiency of the fiber coupled laser, the cooling requirements are low, and the electricity consumption is greatly reduced.Low-power fiber lasers require only air cooling, while high-power fiber lasers are cooled by water, making them simpler and cheaper than other comparable laser technologies.Cooling also depends on the particularity of the production environment.

3. Consumables/Spare parts: Customers save spare parts (such as lights and semiconductor arrays), labor, and downtime due to the fiber laser's more efficient design (more efficient thermal management) and carrier-grade single core junction pump source.This means you don't have to replace the modules for the life of the laser.You can save even more if you use an all-solid-state fiber-to-fiber laser, which eliminates the need for adjustment or maintenance of optical devices such as cavity mirrors, crystals, liquids, and filters that are required in traditional lasers.

4. Maintenance: Fiber lasers require little or no maintenance, depending on the output power and other factors, unlike conventional lasers.No optical adjustment required, no warm-up time and no consumables/spare parts.Save you a lot of maintenance costs.

5. Capital cost: one fiber laser can complete cutting, welding, drilling and other operations at the same time, so that it is not necessary to buy separate laser systems for different operations, thus greatly reducing the investment cost.



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